About MDB

What’s in a name?

At the center of my company, the name, “MDB,” represents the reason for all I do – my children (Mia, Dante, and Bella). Those who know me, know that family has always inspired me. My life and upbringing are centered around the love and respect of family; from Sunday pasta dinners to summers on my grandparent’s farm in Pennsylvania.

I have always had a strong competitive spirit, playing sports growing up helped fuel that drive. Once I entered adulthood, my passions began to motivate me to learn and grow in my chosen profession. When it came time for me to venture into my own business, I used my knowledge and experience from former employers such as Prudential and Mass Mutual. I worked hard, learned from incredible businessmen and women over 15+ years in the industry, and channeled that education into my own business policies and practices. The respect I have for those whom I have worked inspired me and challenged me to be better; the love I have for my family motivates me to work hard each day and gave me the impetus to start my own business.

I believe that happy employees and referral sources lead to even happier clients. Here at MDB Insurance Agency, we strive to provide the highest level of service possible. Our logo says it all:

Brian Gallo


My dedication delivered unmeasurable results while having me develop the ambition to take things to the next level. I then decided to venture out on my own to create an environment where I could harness this energy and allow it to grow by putting together this agency. At MDB, I want this to be a place that represents “home” for all of our clients as these principles are what inspired me to come this far. From the happiest moments in your life to the sad and hard times, we want you to know that we will always be at your service. These walls were built based off of what matters most to me; my family.

Steven Battaglino

Sr. Account Executive / VP

I graduated Pennsylvania State University with a dual degree in both Marketing & Management. Since 2005, I have been a Financial Advisor. In 2018 I entered the Property & Casualty business.  I am now a specialist in regards to identifying the adequate types of insurance needed for our clients.  My services include writing personal insurance such as home owners, renters, automobile, and umbrella insurance along with commercial insurance such as business, general, liability, workers comp, commercial auto, and much more.

Philip Shapiro


I served in the United States Navy until 1976. I then graduated from William Paterson  University in 1979. Shortly after that I started my career at Prudential Insurance Company where I sold investment / insurance products for 20 years. In  total I have been in the insurance industry for 40 years. My services Include financial planning, personal insurance lines, and commercial insurance lines.